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Mountain Valley Artisan Barn

A Venue for the Artist and Community

Welcome to the Mountain Valley Artisan Barn. We are here for your occasion offering a venue with approximately 7500 sq. ft. of space divided into two rooms. 

Artisan Barn Happenings

Exceeding Your Expectations


Our Events


Your Events


Weddings! Graduations! Family Reunions! Birthday Parties! Anniversaries! Private Dinners! Company Meetings! Classes! Friendly Gatherings!

Make an appointment for scheduling and pricing options.



Mountain Valley Artisan Barn is known for an unparalleled commitment to community. Here you the Artisan can express yourself through your art, no matter the form. Please use the button below to get in touch if you want to hold a class on a Thursday from 6-8. It is Advised for you the Artist to pre-register with us at least 2 weeks before your Class so we can help you with its success! The more you and we reach out to the community the........... better. 


More About Mountain Valley Artisan Barn

How We Got Here


What started as an idea between friends has now become a full-on love affair with the Arts, Music & Food.

We want to serve our community in a positive & fun way. Just think of it as an expression of our very being.

We want to invite the Mountain Valley & Piedmont Area community to be part of something great. Something that we hope will carry on throughout the years to come and bring family, friends, and community together for shared ideals and an all-around great time.

Our dedication to have a venue for all artists, musicians, and foodies was and is the ultimate goal in mind when we created The Mountain Valley Artisan Barn.

To have an outlet for all Artisans whether they be just starting out or already established in the community is vital for success. We only hope that YOU will come and support your local Artisan’s.

This is the venue for you…. the Artisan….to come and strut your stuff.

We welcome ALL! We are here to help and serve the Piedmont Area with Happiness. We thank you from our very depths to help us serve this community of Mountain Valley.

“The noblest art is that of making others happy”
― P.T. Barnum

With the best of regards and hopes,

Kirk Cotter 


Mountain Valley Artisan Barn Services

Mountain Valley Artisan Barn is a venue for the whole family to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a wholesome environment for Artist and Performers to show off their talent.

Venue for Artisans and Crafters

Music = Life

Quality Entertainment for our Community

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